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The official seal of Jin Ruixin production base

Author:Jin RuiRelease time:2018-03-31Times of browsing: second

Anhui Jinrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. now needs centralized public bidding cooperation providers. In order to embody the principle of fairness, justice and openness, the relevant matters relating to tender are publicized as follows:

First, the contents of this tender are as follows:

1, supplier type: airtight seal manufacturer, used in engine cylinder head and intake manifold seal ring.

Product material:AE/AC/EPDM/ NBR/ HNBR/FQM.

It has the qualification of TS16949 quality system certification.

2, supplier types: Hardware manufacturers, steel bushings and copper nuts for engine cylinder head and intake manifold.
            Product quality: 1215 steel, 20#, Q235 steel, 30# steel and 40# steel (surface treatment: plating, salt spray test according to automotive industry standard requirements).
            With TS16949 quality system certification qualification

Two. The conditions required by the enterprise to apply for bidding:

1, the way of bidding: public bidding.

2. The scope of the bidding: all certificates, such as the business license of the enterprise (the combination of three certificates) and the general taxpayer's qualification certificate, are complete (the copy is stamped with the official seal and the original is prepared for investigation). TS16949 quality system             A certified production enterprise. With strong supply capability and good social reputation, we can agree that all units in Jinrui enterprises can participate in the bidding. Good credit status and financial situation. The request for this tender

Three. The enrolment materials to be provided by the bidder:

1, the opening license, the business license after the three syndromes, the TS16949 quality system certification, the download of the basic information of the supplier on our website: after filling the seal, send to the mailbox of our purchase department:   ,The qualification should be the latest qualification. Our purchasing department will get in touch with your company after receiving your related documents, and do the later purchasing docking work.

Four. Information of the tenderer:

Tender: Anhui Jinrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Company address: No. 1, Qiao Wan Road, peach blossom Industrial Park, Hefei.

Contact phone: 0551-68581128